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George's Organic Farm
Organic Beekeeping - Organic Olive Farming - Organic Fruit and Vegetables - Organic Honey - Organic Olive Oil - Fokida


George's Organic Farm, based in the heart of Fokida, emerges as a paradise where love for nature meets the pursuit of quality and purity in food production. Here, George has been involved in the wonderful world of organic farming and beekeeping since 2009, making sure to offer high quality products to the general public.

In his beekeeping, George takes care of 100 organic bees, with the goal of their growth. The production of "George's honey" is a wonderful result of his devotion to nature. In addition to honey, a variety of products are produced, such as propolis, pollen and royal jelly, all with an emphasis on their quality and natural value.

In the olive grove, Giorgos takes care of the cultivation of 100 of his own olive roots and another 300 that he has taken over, ensuring that all production is done organically. The variety of olive products offers a spectrum of tastes and smells that reflect the diversity of the local flora.

In his orchards, the one acre of arable land is home to various seasonal species and he will soon introduce poultry, thus enhancing the farm's biodiversity. The products produced are rich in nutrients, making them a healthy and delicious choice for every consumer.

George's Organic Farm is not only addressed to private lovers of healthy food but also to professionals in the sector, such as supermarkets and honey traders. The company covers the needs of customers throughout Greece and in various countries abroad, confirming the international recognition of its quality.

George's goal is clear: producing quality products in limited quantities. His devotion to nature and his unyielding commitment to quality and purity are reflected in every product that leaves his farm, earning the trust of consumers. Thus, George's Organic Farm continues to emerge as a real treasure of Greek hygiene and gastronomy.