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Organic Beekeeping
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In the heart of Fokida, "George's Organic Farm" flourishes as a paradise of ecological diversity and culinary harmony. George Foundzoulas, a passionate producer, focuses on organic beekeeping and presents the product line "George's Honey," one of nature's treasures discovered by the discerning consumer.

Forest honey from firs, oaks, or a combination of both

The raw beauties of forests, with elms and oaks unite in a melodious dance of flavors in "George's Honey". This unique composition, which embraces the rich aromatic armor of the two species, highlights the character and charm of each region.

Blossom Honey with Spring Flowers: Ashfaka and Thyme

"George's Honey" also offers a colorful dance of flavors with the spring floral honeys of safflower and thyme. This combination gives the honey an extremely fresh, floral character.




Propolis: Nature's Treasure in Two Forms

At George's Organic Farm, propolis is nature's treasure in two different forms. On the one hand, it is presented in a dry natural form, preserving its beneficial characteristics, and on the other hand, in the form of a tincture, making it easier to consume.



Pollen and Royal Jelly: An Eclectic Spring Experience

In the spring, "George's Organic Farm" offers limited quantities of pollen and royal jelly, creating an eclectic taste experience for lovers of organic and healthy food.


With each product bearing the "George's Honey" label, Giorgos Fountzoulas takes us on a journey into a world full of aromas, flavors and well-being, highlighting the beauty and taste authenticity of the Greek countryside.




Certification from ΒΙΟ Hellas  GR-BIO-03 E318777