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Organic Olive Farming
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In the heart of idyllic Fokida, "Georgos Organic Farm" expresses the meeting of science and nature, offering a unique experience in the area of organic olive growing. "Amarelia" is the pride of the farm, an excellent extra virgin olive oil that fascinates lovers of quality and healthy food.

Nature's Choice: Organic Olive Farming in Fokida

In this paradise of organic olive growing, Giorgos Foundzoulas dedicates himself to the development of healthy and authentic products. With a passion for the land and the environment, he has 100 olive trees on his farm and takes care of 300 more, all with the seal of organic farming. This relationship with the land and the plants creates the ideal basis for the production of the exceptional "Amarelia."

'Amarelia': The Magic of Nature in Every Drop

"Amarelia" is not just olive oil, it is a combination of taste, aroma and nutritional value. The olives provide the golden juice that ends up in the bottle of "Amarelia." With a tasty note and balanced bitterness, this olive oil highlights the natural kindness of Fokida.

'Amarelia' at the Top of Health

Despite the strict practices of organic olive growing, Giorgos Foundzoulas and his Farm maintain high quality standards. "Amarelia" is not just an olive oil, but the proposal for a healthy, delicious life. With every drop, it tells the story of nature, care and love that distinguishes "George's Organic Farm."




Certification from ΒΙΟ Hellas  GR-BIO-03 45612